Ultimate Golf Lounge: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

UGL – Ultimate Golf Lounge encapsulates a distinctive narrative that invites you to deeply engage with the passion and the evolution of civilization behind the brand. From the primal epoch of early hominids to the pinnacle of contemporary society, golf has been a testament to human civilization’s evolution. UGL, as a vanguard in the golfing world, seamlessly integrates this age-old sport with cutting-edge technology and data.

The story of UGL is entwined with the triumphant journey of the sport of golf. We are dedicated to exploring the illustrious history of golf and bringing it into the 21st century. We believe that golf is not just a sport, but a symbol of human progress and achievement. UGL was conceived to bring this emblematic experience to you, to let you personally witness the allure of golf.

Facility Introduction:

UGL operates a membership system, offering personalized services to members of different types. Members have access to exclusive salons, golf-themed travel activities, and various professional golf events. With enthusiasm and professionalism, we are committed to delivering the highest quality experience for our members.

UGL Features:
– Top-of-the-line golf simulation equipment
– International-standard golf instruction
– Premier North American TPI physical training
– Boutique golf retail store
– Professional equipment workshop
– Customized services for member DIY

The Driving Force Behind Ultimate Golf Lounge

At Ultimate Golf Lounge, our strength lies in our team. Comprising seasoned professionals, passionate instructors, and dedicated staff, our team is the backbone of the unparalleled golfing experience we offer. Their expertise, commitment, and passion for the game ensure that every golfer, from novice to pro, feels at home and achieves their best.

Meet Our Key Team Members

Linda Luo

Renowned golf champion; University of Michigan full-scholar, multiple tournament victor.

Edward Wang

Award-winning player and coach; 20+ years of teaching; Multiple tournament victor.


Ensuring the course is always in pristine condition, Michelle’s attention to detail is second to none.